Glenn Gailey

Who is Glenn Gailey?

I am a Midwestern transplant from Ohio who made it to the West Coast and loves it here. After moving around the Puget Sound (Bellevue, Bainbridge Island, Bothell, even Port Townsend) and a brief stint in California (Carlsbad and Napa), my wife, the excellent poet Jeannine Hall Gailey, and I have finally settled down in Redmond, WA. Incidentally, during all of the past 13 years I have worked for Microsoft. I am a programmer writer and app developer for Microsoft, despite the fact that my actual degree is a BS in Chemical Engineering from University of Cincinnati. My personal web site is my attempt to bridge my professional career (see my MSDN blog and profile) with my private passions—including the gluten-free cookbook that I am currently working on.


  • Technology
  • Writing apps
  • Cooking
  • History
  • Politics

Technical Details

If you are planning on trying to lure me away from Microsoft with a great job offer, here is a summary of my technical strengths and experience:

I am a Seattle-area writer, programmer, and engineer with 12+ years of experience as a programmer writer. I have experience documenting, programming and testing many web and application technologies, including the following: Windows Azure Mobile Services, Windows 8, Open Data Protocol (OData) Services (including documentation services), Windows Phone, Silverlight, Entity Framework, C#, Visual Basic, SQL Server, HTML, XML, and other internet technologies. I especially enjoy writing end-user apps, but I also have a strong background in creating Windows Azure-hosted services, writing customer and scenario-driven developer documentation, as well as release management and people management. I currently work for Microsoft documenting Windows Azure Mobile Services, which means that I get to program in C#, VB, JavaScript, and Java (Android apps).